Dear Researcher

I write my blog to share with others facing the same journey I've taken.  I am delighted you are reading my blog as I think there is so much we can all learn from one another's perspective and I can appreciate how difficult it is to gain access to such data.  Please observe my statement of ethical use:
You are welcome to use my blog as data for your research.  Please drop me a message to let me know by contacting me personally (see my "About" page) or by posting a comment on this page.  I ask that you attribute quotes directly to me, linking back to my blog, and that you share your research results with me.  I reserve the right to ask you to use a different quote and ask that you don't take my words out of context to fit a hypothesis.  This statement can be used as informed consent.
This statement was adapted from the article below with permission from Marie Ennis-O'Connor and Rebecca J. Hogue.

We need to talk about ethics and social media: A conversation

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