Pink Poetry


I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote this poem in about 10 minutes.  I have no idea where it came from, maybe I already wrote it in a dream and had to empty my subconscious mind onto paper.  Anyway, I like it an I hope you do to:

Welcome to Cancerland

Welcome to Cancerland -- you didn't want to come,
But here you are, you unlucky one,
It was a normal day when cancer popped out of the blue,
And landed you in a place where you haven't a clue.
You found warriors and worriers and writers too,
All trying to fathom what they need to do,
To live their best life or find their "new you".
Was it in our genes or our luck or our water?
Has it passed on to our son or our daughter?

Immunotherapy and genetic testing are on their way,
It just needs some fine tuning before it's day,
Some drugs are too expensive, we blame big-pharma,
Drug repurposing is the new karma.
You can work out your own cancer phenotype,
There, fixed it, what's all the hype?
Well it's not that simple -- cancer is a resistant beast,
But we know it works for some, at least.
Healthy lifestyle can reduce your risks somewhat,
And you'll feel more energetic with the new body you've got.

Scientists debate about fasting and keto,
Whilst the plant-based nutritionists say "just eat a burrito",
It's full of beans and veg and grains and seeds,
That's what your body really needs.
You'll grow friendly flora and reduce inflammation,
And an added bonus is no constipation.
Drink green tea but lose the biscuit,
It's full of sugar and fat; you don't want to risk it.
For some that's no life at all,
For others, it helps them feel in control.

Welcome to Cancerland, we didn't want you to come,
But we welcome your arrival with the warmth of the sun,
Whichever you are and whatever you do,
This place called Cancerland loves all of you.


I wrote this poem today which I hope you can relate to:

Wear it Pink!

I wore it PINK when I really felt BLUE,
Could a different colour reflect my mood?

So I wore it BLACK in my darkest hour,
Just as the YELLOW daffodils burst into flower.

Should I wear GREEN to embrace the spring?
And pretend the GREY clouds can dance and sing?

Maybe if I wear PURPLE it will show my passion for life,
But the RED of my anger still cut like a knife.

Perhaps BROWN would be more neutral and keep me sane?
Or WHITE would shine bright through my pouring rain?

............. creating a rainbow or prism effect.........
To remind me of all the colours I mustn't neglect.

I've felt so many colours, now I come to think,
So I might as well just wear it PINK!

I sent this poem to the Health Secretary in 2018
for the Breast Cancer Now #55000reasons campaign
to increase NHS funding for breast cancer

I wrote this poem back in 2009 which was published in a book, little did I know at the time how the story would unfold. 

What are they?

I first noticed, as they appeared
That they weren't all the same.
Some were hidden and some were bold,
But all had a story to be told...

So I dressed them up with frills
And bows and sometimes a bit of bling,
And accepted them as a novelty
Which could teach my heart to sing.

Sometimes they got a little glance
From an appreciative passer-by,
Then I realised woo-hoo-hoo...
They could teach my heart to fly!

And this they did until the time
When they fed new life to grow,
And yes, their role had changed...
...Someone else had made it so.

Oh, then they became such wretched things
And nothing seemed to fit,
Until I discovered 'special effects',
To boost them up a bit.

One day I'll see they did their bit
As padding for a young heart,
And older and wiser I'll notice
A diminishing work of art.

No more glances and no more stares
But, still...sometimes a bit of lace.
Of course, then I'll know what they're for...
They'll have my life's story etched on their face!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

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