Pink Poetry


I wrote this poem today which I hope you can relate to:

Wear it Pink!

I sent this poem to the Health Secretary in 2018 for the Breast Cancer Now #55000reasons campaign
to increase NHS funding for breast cancer

I wrote this poem back in 2009 which was published in a book, little did I know at the time how the story would unfold. 

What are they?

I first noticed, as they appeared
That they weren't all the same.
Some were hidden and some were bold,
But all had a story to be told...

So I dressed them up with frills
And bows and sometimes a bit of bling,
And accepted them as a novelty
Which could teach my heart to sing.

Sometimes they got a little glance
From an appreciative passer-by,
Then I realised woo-hoo-hoo...
They could teach my heart to fly!

And this they did until the time
When they fed new life to grow,
And yes, their role had changed...
...Someone else had made it so.

Oh, then they became such wretched things
And nothing seemed to fit,
Until I discovered 'special effects',
To boost them up a bit.

One day I'll see they did their bit
As padding for a young heart,
And older and wiser I'll notice
A diminishing work of art.

No more glances and no more stares
But, still...sometimes a bit of lace.
Of course, then I'll know what they're for...
They'll have my life's story etched on their face!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

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