Art Therapy

I found art therapies really helpful as they act as a form of mindfulness and keep the mind grounded.  With every stroke of the pencil on the paper, I was thinking about the shape of the drawing and how each pencil stroke would develop the picture.  This process stops any other intrusive thoughts of cancer from entering your mind.  I found this really helpful when my mind was starting to quieten down.  I felt that my mind had to reach a point of calm before I could engage properly with detailed art.   Some arts require less intense concentration which can help when the mind is more stressed, for example, knitting/crochet, scrap-booking/photo albums, card-making.  

If you are interested in joining an art project, The Breast Cancer Art Project is specifically for people who have experienced breast cancer.  All funds raised by this project go to breast cancer charities.  I felt very proud of having my artwork presented so nicely.  It somehow felt more poignant on their website than sitting in a drawing pad at home.  This project has given it meaning and purpose.  Visual communication is a powerful thing.

Here is further information about art therapy and art therapy classes and also hereDrama therapy can also help with expression and confidence building.

Below are examples of some of the art which I've done.  It doesn't have to be award winning art.  It should be enjoyable and therapeutic.  Notice the gap in my drawing dates which were done before my diagnosis and after my treatment finished.  During my treatment I didn't draw and made cards instead.

Mother & Child
Sketched from a photograph
My Son at a play centre as a child
Sketched from a photograph
My Daughter in Disneyland as a child
Sketched from a photograph
My Son and Daughter sharing a drink in Disneyland
This is one of my favourite photos of them

"Eye Has Seen Too Much"
Featured in the Breast Cancer Art Project in February 2019.
This sketch sums up how I feel about cancer:  what I've been through and what I've seen. 
My eyelashes and eyebrows have grown back but I have seen so much suffering because of this disease.

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