My name is Nikki Bednall. I'm an Analyst in the UK and have a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Information Systems. I like applying a systemic approach to everything (no kidding - just look at my blog, for example!). Maybe it's my way of coping, understanding or just the way I'm wired.

In 2018 I gained a Stage 3 FHT Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology and a Professional Certificate in Nutrition and Disease (cancer, heart disease & type 2 diabetes) from Wageningen University & Research. I've always been interested in nutrition, I mean we all have a body so it's good to take an interest; like having a car and working out how to check the oil and water. I've become much more interested since my diagnosis. I think this is quite common.

I don't believe in fate:  I believe in being proactive and grabbing what you want out of life rather than waiting for fate.

I don't believe things happen for a reason:  I believe sometimes bad things happen and we find ways to give them meaning.

I don't believe cancer is a gift:  I believe we find something positive out of a bad situation and cherish and enjoy what we have now.

I've taken part in breast cancer research projects and campaigns at every opportunity.

I've written articles for Breast Cancer Care and WCRF.

In March 2018 I was interviewed by BBC health news as part of a medicinal cannabis campaign to raise public awareness.

I worked as a bit-part actress in television for 8 years which I feel prepared me nicely for taking on a new character during chemotherapy and moving on as a new "me" and adopting the "All the world's a stage....." approach  --William Shakespeare--

You can find me here tweeting and stuff:

Twitter:  @lifeafterlola @nikkibednall

LinkedIn: Nikki Bednall

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